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5 kinds of equipment you may overlook in winter riding

30 Dec 2016 - cheap motorcycle fairings,oem motorcycle parts,motorcycle parts factory,motorcycle parts Supplier,motorcycle parts manufacturer
     Winter riding a lot of time had to wrap themselves in the three layer of the outer Layer of the three to go out, even if it will soon have a cold feeling. If you are in Accordance with the principles of winter 3 layers of clothing, will still feel cold, Then you might want to see if these small equipment is not too small.

     NO.1 headset - equipped with the most easily overlooked

     Headgear, generally only long-distance riding friends will be provided with. For a Long time the wind will not only large loss of water, can also cause skin discomfort, So have the experience of veterans who have caps fitted as standard. The same is true Of the winter riding, if without headgear or collar, not only the body of water and Heat will quickly drain, and cold air from the neck into the helmet and respiratory Heat generated by the formation of fog on the lens, seriously affecting the line of Sight.
      NO.2 windshields - it is a comfortable configuration
        5 kinds of equipment you may overlook in winter riding
      Although motorcycle riding is to slow, but warm words in blowing and compromise, You can only use the windshield to solve, especially low temperature and snowy Weather. The windshield cannot only reduce the temperature loss rate, but also can be The road fly gravel and other debris barrier, in the autumn and winter can comfort and Safety effectively improves the ride.

      NO.3 hands - in addition to the electric heating outside the best way

    A cold hand is the biggest problem in winter cycling, because most gloves are the Fingers are separate, larger contact area and smaller volume for thermal performance Is greatly reduced, even leather with GORE-TEX sometimes difficult to resist, the hand Is very necessary, the wind is also increasing the safety performance, of course with 
Electric heating handle is more perfect.

      NO.4 electric heating jackets - senior friends

      Sometimes the electric heating handles is very hot, but still not a warm hand. The Main reason is that the gloves not suck, but the temperature is not high, the blood Circulation caused by the heat enough to fill the loss of heat. Therefore, to solve The problem of "cold hands" from Jersey to find a cause, an electric heating jacket is An artifact of the winter riding, it can quickly and long time for the body to provide Heat, will this hand cool smoothly done or easily solve the problem.

      NO.5 ANTI FOG LENS -- safety first standard

      Although equipped with hoods can to some extent alleviate the formation of fog Lenses, but the temperature difference in colder temperatures under the helmet will Both inside and outside the condensation fog, clear vision for anti fog lens should be Used as a winter biking standard, it can avoid frequent open mirror to eliminate the Mist of trouble.
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