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Causes and precautions of engine cylinder pad erosion!

17 Dec 2016 - Cylinder kit

     Cylinder gasket is mainly used to ensure the cylinder block and cylinder head joint surface sealing, prevent leakage, leakage. The cylinder liner is directly exposed to high temperature and high pressure gas, so it is easy to be ablated in use, especially around the cylinder mouth. Cylinder gasket burning will cause serious deterioration of the working condition of the engine, but also easy to cause some spare parts or parts of the damage.

     How to judge and how to solve the burning cylinder pad!

     Reasons for ablation of cylinder gasket

     (1) the cylinder pad tightening force is not uniform or locking method is not correct that no flat cylinder pad lead to gas channeling in the joint surface of the cylinder block and cylinder head.

     (2) the warping deformation of cylinder head, cylinder and cylinder head screw roughness is too large due to loose seal.
   (3) improper driving method, habit of heavy accelerator and acceleration, high-speed operation, excessive pressure increased cylinder gasket erosion.

     (4) the engine often runs at large load, premature ignition, engine overheating, knock and so on, resulting in local high temperature and high pressure cylinder and ablation cylinder pad.

     (5) injection into the combustion chamber deposit serious; premature; improper selection of diesel engine.

     (6) cylinder pad of poor quality, uneven thickness; including memory bubbles, asbestos laying or uneven edge is not tight.

     Cylinder gasket ablation fault phenomenon

     1, two adjacent cylinder beam burning phenomenon: a sudden drop in engine power, speed decreased significantly; the body shaking seriously and the exhaust pipe slightly put injustice phenomenon; after the engine flameout difficult starting or idling instability.

     2, and the cylinder cooling water channel burning phenomenon: when the engine is running, the water temperature suddenly increased, and the speed of boring, loss of power, cooling water consumption too fast; gas from the exhaust pipe, especially idling, the exhaust gas discharged yellowish phenomenon; crankcase oil level rises, lubricating oil emulsification phenomenon is serious radiator; mouth rust marks. If the loss is serious, a lot of cooling water into the cylinder, causing engine cannot start face.

     3.and the burning cylinder port and a lubricating oil passage. Phenomenon: the oil pressure is not stable and the oil temperature rise too fast; there are bubbles in the lubricating oil, color and smell of diesel, lubricating the oxidation speed and excessive consumption; low temperature diesel exhaust pipe, there are a lot of smoke discharge.

     4, the cylinder and the air cushion between the edge of the burning. Phenomenon: the burning of light, for the loss of engine power, speed slow, especially when the load is obvious, idle speed instability and the severe wobble; if the loss is serious, can listen to the rhythm of the "kill in the upper part of the cylinder, click" sound.

     5.Bolt between burning phenomenon in 5 cylinder port and cylinder head, engine idling instability; a slight "kill valve cover, click" sound; the cylinder bolts (mother) often loose.

      First aid measures for on cylinder cushion ablation

      Driving on the way found cylinder pad burning, and no spare parts can take the following measures: first aid cylinder pad removed carefully check if washed out a little Mouth, available cigarette inner packaging foil, tin containing platinum or electrical waste cotton and other material stone fill in Chong harm, and carefully beaten and compacted; if Washed face large, dry leather pad or available from the waste cylinder pad at the same cut a patch substitute, the back of the vehicle again according to the technical standard Repair. The use of cylinder pad maintenance, the cylinder pad should be under the action of high temperature and high pressure gas, there is sufficient strength, not easy to damage: with Has the heat resistance, the corrosion resistance characteristic; has certain elasticity, can compensate the joint surface flatness, has the good seal; the disassembly convenient non stick cylinder And long service life. At present is the widespread use of asbestos gasket, the structure is sandwiched between the asbestos wire hole, around the copper leather trim, the combustion chamber hole copper skin inlay package, in order to prevent high temperature ablation.

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