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Cylinder common faults

26 Nov 2016 - Cylinder common faults

     1.Is cast cylinder, cylinder are through aging treatment, after they leave the cylinder in live completely eliminate internal stress generated by the casting process. If the aging time is short, so processed cylinder in the later in the operation of the deformation.

     2.Cylinder stress situation is complicated at run time, in addition to the cylinder gas pressure difference inside and outside and in various parts of them, such as the weight of the static load, and steam flow of static blades on the stationary part of the reaction, as well as a variety of connection pipe under cold and hot state of cylinder force, under the force of interaction, cylinder prone to plastic deformation caused by leakage.

Cylinder common faults

     3.Cylinder load increase and decrease too fast, especially the rapid change of start, stop, and condition of the temperature change is big, the warming cylinder way is not right, stop when open the premature insulation, etc., in the cylinder and flange produce large thermal stress and thermal deformation.

    4.Cylinder in the process of machining or after repair welding stress, but there is no tempering treatment to eliminate the cylinder, the cylinder is larger residual stress, produce permanent deformation in the run.

     5.In the process of installation or maintenance, due to the maintenance process and maintenance technology, make the inner cylinder, cylinder diaphragm, diaphragm and the expansion of the steam jacket clearance is not appropriate, or between the expansion of the hanging ear clamp is not suitable, run after a huge expansion deformation of the cylinder.

Cylinder common faults

     6.Using cylinder sealant quality is bad, too many impurities or model is wrong; If there are solid impurities are observed in the cylinder sealant can make the combination of the sealing surface is difficult to close.

     But Lack of cylinder bolt force or bolt material is unqualified. Cylinder for the rigor mainly implemented by the bolt force. Unit start-stop or increase or decrease the load of the thermal stress and high temperature will result in bolt stress relaxation, if stress is insufficient, prestressing force of bolt will gradually decrease. If cylinder bolt material is bad, bolt in the long run, under the action of thermal stress and cylinder expansion force, elongated, plastic deformation or fracture, tension will be less than, the cylinder leakage phenomenon.


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