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How to choose a suitable Motorcycles

28 Oct 2016 - motorcycle parts

      Nowadays, motorcycles are popular around us. They have become an important means of transport in Chinese cities. Compared with the bike and the car, the motorcycle has its own advantages.   

      First, it is quite flexible. When there is a traffic jam, it can go through the cars that are held up in the street. Besides, it doesn't consume much petrol. Most important of all, it can carry another person at the back.    But every coin has two sides. The negative aspects are also apparent. To begin with, it's very complicated to get qualified fur riding a motorcycle. You'll have to go through a series of procedures to get a riding license. Furthermore, the maintenance is expensive. Worst of all, it costs a big sum of money to pay fur the license plate, especially in big cities.

    How to choose a suitable Motorcycles

     So how to choose a suitable motorcycles, a few things you should look for in your firstThe two biggest considerations for any bike are seat height and weight. Never buy a motorcycle that you can't sit on with both feet flat on the ground. Weight consideration is a must here also because when learning to ride, you do not want to get yourself in a position where when the bike begins to lean over and you can't keep it safely balanced. Additionally, a lightweight bike will provide an easier learning curve for beginners.

Engine size is also important because you do not want a powerful motorcycle that is way beyond your skill set. While lower powered engines can still do a lot of damage if you can’t properly handle the bike, they’re ordinarily easier to control for the less experienced rider.

      How to choose a suitable Motorcycles

      At their most basic, dual-sports are just dirtbikes — which are generally illegal to ride on public roads — with some mirrors and lights slapped on to make them street-legal. “Supermoto” bikes also fall into this category, with the added change of street-only tires, as opposed to dual-sports’ knobby tires. Because dual-sport bikes often have smaller engines and are light-weight, they are a good option for new riders. But if you’re short beware: Most dual-sports have very high seats. If you can’t put both feet down when stopped, the bike is too tall for you to ride safely. There are some options, of course, such as the Yamaha TW200, which is a great beginner bike but not exactly a powerhouse. It’s also possible to get lowering kits for some bikes, or to buy a dual-sport with a lowering kit already installed.

      Read more: http://www.oumurs.com/ choosing a motorcylce you need to know.

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