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How to choose the main temperament motorcycle?

30 Dec 2016 - cheap motorcycle fairings,oem motorcycle parts,motorcycle parts factory,motorcycle parts Supplier,motorcycle parts manufacturer
     Classification of motorcycles, different countries have different classification Methods. The international standard (ISO3833-1977) is divided into two categories According to the speed and weight. However, the appearance looks very different, how To choose a suitable motorcycle? This is mostly to see the temperament!
     There are two kinds of classification methods of motorcycle in China: one is the Displacement and the highest design speed. Motorcycle engine working volume, of not More than 50 ml, the maximum design speed of not more than 50km. Motorcycle refers to The engine working volume of more than 50 ml, the maximum design speed of more than 50 Km of two or three wheeled motorcycle. The other is the number and location of the Wheel, divided into two wheeled vehicles, three types of side tricycles and tricycles.
How to choose the main temperament motorcycle?
     Generally used by the use of the structure and the engine type and the volume of Work to classify. If only it will work within the city, short distance transport, with The speed of not more than 50 kilometers, the micro structure of the compact Motorcycle or moped. Need to travel frequently between urban and rural areas, two People can ride, should choose the engine working volume of 125 ~ 250 ml of ordinary Motorcycle. If the road conditions are poor, require high-speed or for general race, Then choose a cross-country motorcycle.

      Sport Motorcycle  Sports car

       The design of the main idea is for people to use leisure vacation, is a fun means Of transport, but also to experience the fun of life. Sports motorcycles, including a Wide range, the following introduction of super sports motorcycles and travel Motorcycles, all have the function of sports motorcycles, so it can be classified as Sports motorcycles.

       Road motorcycle

       Mainly used in the road surface of the motorcycle called Road motorcycle. Road Motorcycle can be divided into three categories, that is, super sports motorcycles, Travel motorcycles and motorcycles. Because this kind of motorcycle is mainly on the Flat road surface, it is also called the city motorcycle. The concept of road Motorcycle and scope is also very vague, actually called ordinary motorcycle may be Better. In the structure, the road motorcycle is only suitable for paving the road Surface, this kind of motorcycle can achieve the best performance on the pavement, Otherwise, there will be many difficulties when traveling without the road. Corresponding to the cross-country motorcycle, according to the use of lot Classification, can also be divided into cross-country motorcycle and cross-country Motorcycle.

       Super motorcycle

      General motorcycle attaches great importance to ride comfort and ease of Operation. Super Sport Motorcycle is different. It attaches great importance to the High speeds motorcycle performance. By using this kind of motorcycle, the rider can Fully feel the pleasure and pleasure of the engine, the tire and the road surface. It Is different from the car, it is the pursuit of the youth movement, rather than racing To pursue high speed.

     There is no certain high speed performance to do the protection, the rider is Difficult to experience this kind of pleasure, so we must improve the motorcycle Speed. But once you can generate the pleasure of riding, you do not have to raise the Speed.
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