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Motorcycle clutch maintenance knowledg

30 Nov 2016 - Motorcycle-clutch-maintenance

     In principle, the clutch is located in engine and transmission between a device and its main function is used to pass or cut of the engine power. The purpose of transmission power is to make the vehicle ;Is usually cut off the power in order to facilitate shift, because if you don't cut off the power, transmission are difficult to synchronous driving gear and driven gear, is not easy to shift (some skilled person can use to control the speed and engine speed to realize the basic synchronization between the two, but generally not easy).

     Clutch in addition to the main role, and the role of a less visible, is when the vehicle suddenly encountered serious impact, it can produce between friction in active and passive friction pills sliding, to a certain extent, ease the external force of the impact of the engine, which can have certain protective effect on the engine.

    The most important thing to notice in using clutch problem, is donen't put them in a state of separation for a long time. Why to be like this? Let's take a look at the structure of the clutch.Inside the clutch are the core components of friction, friction and divided into active and passive friction slices. Active friction slices through the gear and the engine crankshaft into an organic whole; Passive friction block is also becoming an organic whole repeatedly through the driving wheel of gear and gearbox. Generally clutch has many active passive friction, friction and more pieces of two concentric circles, interval implantation (an active, passive, and then a slice of the initiative, and a passive) together.

Motorcycle clutch maintenance knowledg

    There are three kinds of clutch working status: the first is combined with the state, the active friction piece and passive friction piece together under the action of spring and clamp, the power from the engine is transmitted to the gearbox; The second kind of state is a state of separation, or when we hold the clutch handle, the original function in the main passive pressure on the friction block is lifted and active friction piece and passive friction piece by combining with the state into a separate state, active friction with the engine turned, passive friction with the transmission of drive shaft turns, cut off power transmission; The third state is half combining state, this state, active friction piece and passive friction piece is neither completely, also not completely separated, in power transfer to a state of half broken and continuously.

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