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Motorcycle trouble shooting tips!

30 Nov 2016 - Motorcycle trouble shooting tips!

     Each motorcycle friends must hate the things are driving the sudden fault, halfway to hand down, below is the small make up to sort out some of the energy and money motorcycle troubleshooting tips!

     Treatment method of the cylinder

     Mixing a little epoxy resin adhesive, cylinder scratch gently daub is filled, put again after about 20 minutes and a layer of talcum powder, after press the real use of cardboard blow gently into a consistent and cylinder arc, then placed 4 to 6 hours.

     Quick clean cylinder carbon deposit

     Screw out spark plug from the spark plug hole is sprayed into the cylinder with a carburetor cleaner, and then screw down the plug, switch on the ignition and the car standing on, momentum motivation making a couple of minutes.

     Discharging cylinder head

     Cylinder head combined with tight motorcycle, first take the set screw, again from the spark plug hole to add a few drops in the cylinder of gasoline, and packed again the spark plug, and then the cylinder block and cylinder head bundle with the rope tight, open the ignition switch after fierce step start bar, sound momentum motivation deflagration, can easily remove the cylinder head.

   Motorcycle trouble shooting tips!

    Tank cleaning

    With a slight toughness is about 30cm of small stick, a head attached to the magnet into the bottom of the tank after swiping back and forth, after a meeting on adsorption of just removing the magnet, and then repeated several times.

    Recovery tank

    The concave flat tank, to clean the tank first, then stir in three-quarters of soybean and top up the water tank capacity, will tighten oil can.(note: when the cavity recovery, immediately pours soy beans)

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