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The 120th Canton Fair,China oumurs is here!

18 Oct 2016 -
       On 2016.10.15  ,the 120th China Import and Export Fair (referred to as: Canton Fair) held in Guangzhou, china.

       The Canton Fair as the country's largest trade event, a total of about 2.4 enterprises to attend the exhibition.They are eager tograb orders from buyers which come from 210 countries and regions in the world about 200 thousand .
  The  120th  Canton  Fair,china   oumurs  is  here4_编辑
      This year is the 60 anniversary of the Canton Fair milepost of the year, the Canton Fair has the important link between the past and the future.
 The  120th  Canton  Fair,China   oumurs  is  here1

       The Canton Fair will continue to take various measures to promote and The Belt and Road along the country's cooperation.

   Since the beginning of this year, a number of regional political instability in the country, the traditional religious festivals may affect the purchasing business, the Canton Fair is also facing increased competition in the industry and related industries. But the Canton fair through  a variety of marketing tools  invited  many  business attend the meeting.

      At present, the official website visits, invitations for volume, business consulting amount, hotel reservation quantity signal display, the canton fair number of buyers will remain stable.
The  120th  Canton  Fair,china   oumurs  is  here2
      Guangzhou  oumurs  is a professional motorcycle accessories Co. Ltd, this day as other businesses are also involved in the Canton Fair .GUANGZHOU OUMURS TRADING CO., LTD was established in 2003 as a professional supplier  of motorcycle spare parts.With 20 years' development and experience, we have become a prestigious company in this line offering spare parts for KEEWAY,BENELLI,SYM,BAJAJ,YAMAHA,SUZUKI,KYMCO,TVS,HONDA etc.Thanks to the successful cooperations with our customers , our products have  global  recognition with exclusive distributors in Morocco, Algeria , Paraguay , Uruguay, Colombia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Argentina,and so on .Abundant kinds of items,excellent manufacturers,professional consultant ,qualified packages,experience after-sale service, warehouse with 2000 square meters make us become  one of the most successful supplier of  motorcycle spare parts in China .In order to see Oumurs in each corner , we will extend more models in the near future with our own R&D team and find distributor all over the world .Welcome to be our part , we are ready .
The  120th  Canton  Fair,china   oumurs  is  here3
       Guangzhou oumurs Shen Zong pointed out: "we one day up to collect 50 customer information  before , now we can collect up to 100 daily average customer information object.  In terms of tourists, the Canton Fair we collected customers from Philippines, Mexico and other countries, the customer resources of these countries we contact less, or even no contact.

       If you are interested in our products, welcome to contact us!We will offer you the best  price and provide you the most sincere service! www.oumurs.com

The  120th  Canton  Fair,china   oumurs  is  here!

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