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The causes of the piston ring fracture

16 Dec 2016 - piston ring,piston kit
     Piston ring broken many reasons, in addition to material defects, low processing quality, mainly in the use of poor maintenance management and poor assembly quality.

     1.Take the mouth clearance is too small When the gap is less than the assembly clearance, the piston ring heating temperature Increases in operation, so that the metal expansion at the mouth is not sufficient room, both ends of the mouth of the top bend, near the mouth break.
The causes of the piston ring fracture
     2.Ring groove carbon Poor combustion and wall superheat. Lubricating oil oxidation or burning will cause 7Serious cooking in cylinder. When the coke is serious, ring activities blocked, strong Ring and cylinder wall, oil and metal scraps mixed scraping, and hard coke formed in the local ring groove on the lower end face of the leakage of gas under the action of. A hard carbon local piston ring below, above is subjected to periodic gas pressure, The piston ring is bending fatigue fracture.

     3.Cylinder sleeve grinding table Long term relative movement between piston assembly and cylinder sleeve causes wear of Cylinder liner after grinding of the cylinder sleeve. When the piston goes up to the top stop point, the first piston ring impact the grinding table is broken by impact.

     4.Excessive wear of the ring groove Ring groove under the end of excessive wear after tilting (trumpet shaped). When the Piston is near the TDC, the gas pressure makes the ring close to the lower end surface Of the inclined ring groove, the piston ring produces distortion and deformation, the piston ring groove is excessively worn and the fatigue is broken.

     5.The piston ring on portTwo stroke diesel engine piston ring on often sweep and vent damage to the broken ring. Because the piston ring opening position of the maximal tension, thermal 
deformation, and between the cylinder liner on air heating bar easy deformation, when the piston ring with an encounter, as long as the ring opening catch port will make the broken ring slightly.

     6.Piston ring radial expansion and contraction fatigue When excessive wear or lack of elasticity of piston ring cylinder sleeve, piston ring and cylinder wall should not be too close, which can not keep airtight, so that high-pressure gas leakage will ring into the ring groove. When the piston down cylinder gas pressure decreases, the piston ring and from the ring slot pop up, piston ring radial contraction so that fatigue break.
The causes of the piston ring fracture
    7.Piston ring excessive wear ring strength can not meet the requirements and broken ring.At present, the piston ring material consists of gray cast iron, alloy cast iron, ductile brittle materials such as segregation, and in the process of casting internal organization may appear blowholes and cracks or components to the local strength decrease or crack produce stress concentration caused by impact fracture or fatigue fracture work.
    8.Serious wear of cylinder liner The dead center on the ladder, wear caused by shoulder, resulting in larger size or the connecting rod connecting rod wear end bearing repair after the original dead position changes, the inertia force caused by the impact of broken ring. 

    9.Matching of lubricating oil and fuel oil From the fuel properties of some fuel with high sulfur fuel, such as reineck 1000s. So when the fuel combustion generated by the SO2 and SO3 is also more. However, SO2 and SO3 are gaseous at high temperature, which can cause gas corrosion directly with metal. And promote carbon deposition and colloidal sediment hardening, increased cylinder liner, piston ring wear. According to the requirements, when using high sulfur diesel fuel, should use strong alkaline or high special lubricating oil. If the host does not use cylinder oil matched with fuel oil during operation or replace the cylinder oil with engine oil. In this way, oil and acid combustion and the ability to generate acid decline, resulting in acidic substances on the piston, piston ring corrosion more serious, resulting in frequent life plug ring fracture phenomenon.
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