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The function of shock absorber

28 Oct 2016 - shock absorber

      Shock absorbers are an important component of any vehicle suspension system. The majority of vehicles have once shock absorber for every vehicle tire. Each shock absorber provides significant strength and functionality to a vehicle's suspension system.


      Shock absorber (Absorber), the shock absorber is mainly used to suppress the shock and the shock of the road from the impact of the road. In the rough road, Although the shock spring can filter the vibration of the road surface, but the spring itself will have a reciprocating motion,

The shock absorber is used to suppress the spring jump.

 The  function of shock absorber

      The main purpose of shock absorbers is to limit overall vehicle body movement, or sway. As a vehicle is driven, the body will move up and down or side to side to various degrees in response to driving and road conditions. These type of vehicle movements are held in check by shock absorbers.


      Put simply, shock absorbers help cushion vehicles on uneven roads, leading to improved ride quality and an increase in comfort. Without them, the ride would be uncomfortable as the energy is stored in the springs and then released straight to the vehicle.


      Shock absorbers are a key component of a vehicle’s suspension system. The Gabriel PRO-ONE range is hard wearing and long lasting. Since all the components are interdependent, it is vital to make sure they are ALL working efficiently.

 The  function of shock absorber1

       Deficient shock absorbers can have an adverse effect on suspension components and tyres, and can be extremely dangerous. Gabriel advises shock absorbers be checked regularly and changed every 50-60,000 miles. Replacing shock absorbers regularly also prevents premature wear to other parts of the vehicle, such as suspension components and tyres.


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