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What kind of temperament to become a motorcycle models?

30 Dec 2016 - oem motorcycle parts,motorcycle parts factory,motorcycle parts Supplier,motorcycle parts manufacturer
       Some people say that the motorcycle market in 2015 is sad unceasingly, the Motorcycle enterprises high inventory, dealers have cut promotions, doors to cold, Even the boys run away from the capital chain. But when we were young, we were influenced By the materialism, and it told us to look at the problem in two ways. I want to bring It one divides into two. After selling models may be more sad behind, at least we can From the 2015 downturn in the market to see more clearly one of the hot selling models Is how to create.

      2015, in the case of the overall downturn in the motorcycle market, we can see that The market driven role of hot selling models more and more obvious, and the overall Sales began to become more and more close to the hot models. For example, from a Single vehicle sales, Wuyang Honda storm front eye, Lifan KPR200, Jin DY150-29, Dayun Chisel new feeling R9,Wangjiang world Ranger? Qi GTR, trace spring Ambassador car Civilian version of the CF650TR-G and Benali TNT600ABS (Gold Edition) has a good Market performance. From the classification of vehicle sales this year, scooter market Is growing significantly, compared with other types of models can be described as a Contrarian growth, Sundiro Honda E 110, Qianjiang City wind shadow QJ150T-23, Haojue VR150 scooter leads the fashion trend of concern.
What kind of temperament to become a motorcycle models?
     Obviously, the above mentioned that several segments topped the 2015 models is the Biggest winner, a popular one word, can be called the explosion models. So, from the 2015 stands out of these models, we can see some explosive car should have a temperament? Motorcycle companies and how to create a burst car?

     First of all, the competitiveness of motorcycle products in the industry will Become particularly important in the adjustment period. In other words, is the Characteristics of the product is king will still be in the future China motorcycle Market very much. From the front of several models of the explosion point of view, Without exception, have a good product competitiveness. Of course, some people may Think that several models actually not too much to emphasize the highlights, but if we More respect from this point of view, several models of the explosion but without Exception has a very balanced performance. In fact, the top ten in the sales charts Will not be too strange. So, pay attention to the balance of the explosion to build a Model for the vehicle has become a very important point. In the future of the Motorcycle market, the motorcycle companies to build the explosion models will focus On the development of the area around the balance.

     Secondly, the campaign to create explosion models have very far-reaching Significance. Back in 2015 these popular hot models, without exception, have a strong Campaign, before the car is not listed on the detonation mo you circle, triggered a Heated discussion, it is not the first fire. With the young people gradually of Motorcycle, motorcycle 90 has gradually become the mainstream consumer groups, in the Face of growing up in the Internet era, the traditional way of publicity campaign for The product has been unable to meet the requirements. Enterprises must pay attention To micro-blog, WeChat, forums and other social media publicity, publicity should pay More attention to interactive, participatory, micro film, friends and other activities Will become the main means of communication。
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