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Fall of Well-known Motorcycle Brands

17 Jan 2017 - well-known motorcycle,well-known motorcycle brands,motorcycle factory

History tells us that even these seemingly solid businesses may someday be overturned and disappear in the industry (Harley had closed in the 1980s), such as Ariel, BSA and NSU, which have been famous for their Once sold hundreds of thousands of titles sold, or even millions of models, but eventually yield to the competitive market, leading to financial crisis and merger.

Several brands, such as Indian, Norton, and Triumph, have recently begun to revive their expansion plans, so we are not on our option to base our selection on a number of basic conditions, such as longevity, Of the vehicles, there are special historical significance, and perhaps some countries with regional standards are not necessarily, so you my list which may be some differences!

3. BSA
Before the Second World War, Birmingham Small Arms Company (BSA) was the UK's largest motorcycle manufacturer, and after World War II, BSA became the world's largest motorcycle manufacturer.

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Founded in 1861, the BSA began manufacturing motorcycles in 1910, ending production in 1973. In its 63 years of operation, BSA made a lot of historical cars, including the S27 "Sloper". A7 Star Twin, A10 Golden Flash and A65 Lightning Clubman, but these are not known than the Gold Star.
DBD34 Gold Star, 1956 has a beautiful fuel tank, clip-type handle, Amal carburetor carburetor and swept exhaust pipe, which is a typical "Rocker" models.

2. Vincent
Vincent this brand in the mid-20th century, the heyday of a lot of legendary surrounding. Vincent, this word spells out the world's fastest motorcycle, and the motorcycle's most classic image is on display.
But Vincent's luck came too fast and too fast, in 1955 Philip Vincent announced the closure of the factory. Bernard Li made Vincent's trademark, trying to revive the brand with the Honda RC51 V-Twin, but unfortunately Li died in 2008 in a motorcycle accident.

1. Britten
New Zealander John Britten, he and his name for the motorcycle, this is a glorious and sad mixed story. Britten designed and built Britten V1000 and Britten V1100 with his garage as a studio.
As early as the 1990s (when carbon fiber was not as popular as it is today), Britten designed the material into his car, including the body, fork, rocker and wheel rims. He even made his own engine parts. V1000 and V1100 frameless design has integrated features, such as the location of the shock to change placed in the first half of the body, the radiator is located below the cushion.
The two Britten shocked the racing world in the 90s because he challenged - Ducati. But the fate of teasing people, John Britten at the age of 45 due to skin cancer-related diseases and death.

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