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How Moto Parts Dealers Find New Opportunity

17 Jan 2017 - moto parts dealer,moto parts opportunity,moto parts wholesale

The world today, changing rapidly, the crisis may occur at any time, but the crisis in the organic, as long as there is enough confidence and wisdom, we will be able to specifically for the crisis. Remember when the financial crisis began in 2008, Premier Wen Jiabao stressed on many occasions that "micro-credit is more important than gold"? Indeed, the tight encirclement, to the future, confidence, passion is very important, first of all to win the spirit of war . Premier Li Keqiang also stressed in a number of occasions with wisdom to build China's economic upgrade.

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Solve the problem, from the predicament of the root causes to solve the problem, the future Mopei dealers should be encouraged by the confidence to use the following wisdom to Sword dilemma, will be able to move toward a better future!
First, establish a brand, selling brand-name products
This is a popular international model, that is, Mopei dealers looking for the right spare parts manufacturers, OEM production. In the operating genuine pieces of the price transparency is too high, no profit, but to do for the fake and legal and not allow the case of professional ethics, to the firm or other name Dingpaishengchan, is a feasible way. The background is the birth of a large number of rural enterprises in China's rural areas. These township enterprises through the system, mechanism and property rights reform, has become a private enterprise, with their years of hard work, already have to produce a certain quality standards, low price of motorcycle accessories products, and the more More and more into the international market. Of course, this brand-name production is in a certain quality assurance system and the relative advantages of low-cost carried out.
Second, the accessories business and chain fast repair integration development
When the simple operation of motorcycle accessories, the profits tend to thin, it is natural to think, how to survive, how to further the depth and breadth of the market in mining profits?
Fast repair industry in China has a broad space for development and demand, it is generally a big problem in the motorcycle will find a large repair shop or a special repair station, and a tire, three filters and other general solution to the nearest figure is the convenience of service . China's many small fast repair shop image is poor, the service is not standardized, letting the owners do not worry, which gave the chain fast repair left space. Dealers can share or self-built chain fast repair network, through these terminals, dealers can get a stable volume of wearing parts, and the formation of long-term competitiveness.
Third, to carry out sales of chain accessories
China has some dealers try to sell parts of the chain, but because of poor management, resulting in real losses, although the book profit, but compared to the input of various resources, obviously some loss. Chain accessories sales of the biggest advantage is to expand the procurement scale, access to a discounted price. But note the following:
1, reasonable layout, "GOME" form, "triple" supplemented by the form, that is, the provincial capital and key cities as the main chain, rather than within the province to the second and third city expansion;
2, the regulatory control system (administrative, procurement, finance, image, services);
3, the use of information technology, chain stores can learn from the control system;
4, self-built and licensed combination;
5, the right time to extend the maintenance and repair links, control terminals, to effectively ship the business in order to continue operations.
Fourth, special services, procurement assistance, the Chinese agent
1, after-sales service: through the provision of after-sales service accessories, a special maintenance business, common in engine systems, transmission systems and other complex parts system, through the franchise of such products to achieve service transformation.
2, to assist the procurement: the face of a large number of Mopei domestic production enterprises, foreign procurement staff often do not have enough energy to choose, our dealers can help foreign sales or after-sales service companies in China procurement and after-sales service.
3, the total distribution of foreign parts of China: the increase in tariffs on imported parts of the advantages of China's distributors through overseas procurement or agent of foreign brands, to become the country's total distribution to get development
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