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The knowledage of motorcylce engine

28 Oct 2016 - motorcylce engine
   Whether you’ve been riding the road for years or are just dreaming of having your own bike one day, understanding how a motorcycle engine works is essential for you to understand the proper care and maintenance of your vehicle. This knowledge is also essential for undertaking any minor repairs or fixes. To learn more about how motorcycle engines work, take a look at the information below.
 The knowledage of motorcylce engine
     Although most motorcycle engines have 2 cylinders, they can potentially have anywhere from 1 to 6 cylinders. The more cylinders there are, the greater the engine power, because the cycles of intake, combustion and expulsion of gas can happen at a much faster pace, leading to greater power and greater speed. For this reason, 4 cylinder engines are becoming increasingly popular.
     The most common motorcycle engine types include the V-twin engine design, the Single Cylinder, the Transverse engine, the Flat Twin, the Three Cylindar, the Flat Four, the V Four, the Flat Four Inline, the Inline Four and the Square Four. Anything engine with more than 4 cylinders is adapted to a special purpose, like high speed racing, and these engines often aren’t commercially available.
 The knowledage of motorcylce engine2
      A motorcycle engine is responsible for providing power to a motorcycle for its ability to function. Although other types of motorcycle engines, such as electric motor driven and diesel driven engines, do exist in small quantities, most motorcycle engines in the commercial market worldwide are two-stroke or four-stroke internal combustion engines. Four-stroke engines are the later version and feature transmissions that are engineered into the engine casings. The two components act as a single design. The components of a two-stroke engine are present in a four-stroke engine, but the opposite is not true. General knowledge of the various components of motorcycle engines and their functions and properties is imperative to making an informed purchasing decision.
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