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Which motorcylce parts wholesaler in China ?

28 Oct 2016 - motorcylce parts wholesaler

     Nowadays, Many countries in the world have adopted a lot of measures to encourage the development of new technologies and new products. Through 100 years of development, Motorcycle industry has formed a considerable scale in the world. 2006, the world's motorcycle production was 44 million 840 thousand, 49 million 790 thousand in 2007, down to 49 million 710 thousand in 2008.

 Which motorcylce parts wholesaler in China 1

    Worldwide, motorcycle production mainly concentrated in Asia, Europe and the Americas 3 continents, In recent years Africa and Oceania motorcycle industry also have a certain degree of development ,Because of late start , development time short, The proportion of the global scale and influence is still low. In Asia, motorcycle origin mainly in China (including Taiwan province), Japan, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia and other countries and regions. In 2010,China is the world's first largest motorcycle production.

 Which motorcylce parts wholesaler in China

    So wholesale the motorcycle and motorcycle parts choose Guangzhou Oumurs Motorcycle Parts CO.,LTD,Which is a professional motorcycle parts wholesaler, with high quality and adaptable price. The  main products are motor parts, suzuki parts,yamaha parts, honda spares. Guangzhou Oumurs Motorcycle Parts CO.,LTD have 16 years of OEM experience.


     In 2015, we started running our own brands, including OUMURS/OM, TWOM. The  main markets include North Africa, South America, Columbia, Algeria, Morocco, Paraguay, Nicaragua, Ecuador, and Venezuela. The main selling promotions are B2B platform, and fair, which owns 2 years  Alibaba ,twice every year for Columbia fair and Carton fair. Every our sales are increasing at the speed of 20%-30%. we sincerely hope to create prosperous business hand in hand with global customers.



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  • E-mail:oumurs1@oumurs.com

  • Addr. 2nd Floor Building E,ShaLuo Industrial Zone,Shicha Street Baiyun District Guangzhou

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