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What are the parts of a motorcycle?

28 Oct 2016 - motorcycle parts,parts of a motorcycle

     Motorbike is a very common transport, But little people know the parts of a motorcycle. Following introduce the details:

     Motorcycle parts classification detail

      What are the parts of a motorcycle1

     The engine assembly and accessories: crankcase cylinder crankshaft piston ring valve camshaft fuel tank fuel pump filter pump carburetor exhaust fan and other water injection.

     Transmission system parts: motorcycle clutch transmission control device motorcycle starting mechanism motorcycle belt drive assembly chain transmission assembly shaft transmission assembly.

      Walking system: car fender parts frame fork damping damping wheel rim and tire accessories lock alarm glove box support frame bumper mirror parking frame armrest windshield assist ornaments.

      Operating system components: the direction handlebar, the column control device and a flexible shaft, brake pedal, zipper pull rod ABS and other brake parts.

      Electrical and instrumentation: battery generator starting motor brush rectifier clutch distributor spark switch signal lamp and meter sensor device horn relay wire harness counter other electrical parts.

      What are the parts of a motorcycle

      General and relevant: seal rubber, plastic rubber, plastic tube or hose powder metallurgy casting forging, stamping parts and standard parts, fasteners, bearing sleeve gear lubricating oil coating, adhesive materials and processing magnetic motor for motorcycle safety helmet Sunglasses.

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