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Long time no ride the motorcylce ,what should we notice?

26 Dec 2016 - motorcycle parts
      As we all know, the motorcycle does not ride for a long time, more often than riding, hurt more.Motorcycle like lovers dating, to meet regularly, and feelings will be warming; conversely, long to meet again, or do not meet the long-term, the final results, I believe that many people know.First, if the motorcycle is stored too long, the oil will slowly settle into the oil pan.Cylinder head, piston, medium cylinder, gas distribution mechanism on the oil will be slowly clean, direct exposure in the air for a long time, it will slowly oxidation.

      The residual in the carburetor gasoline, a long time will each hole is completely blocked, so even if the carburetor to start the car, the work efficiency is not high.The car belongs to the lead-acid battery needs a high voltage type battery, the vehicle will lead to the loss of electricity long ride, it will rapidly aging decomposition, the electrolyte will evaporate.Basically put on the car more than half a year, and did not do any processing of the battery, you can scrap. Long time no ride the motorcylce ,what should we notice?

 Long time no ride the motorcylce ,what should we notice?

      Did not handle the appearance of the car parts, especially homemade chrome pieces, long do not ride not rub, oxidation will soon, after a period of time will rust point, seriously affect the appearance of the vehicle.The motorcycle parked long time and no play in supporting, tire easily deformation, accompanied by cracking, seriously affect the safety of the ride again.Motorcycle long put not ride, should be the following treatment.

       1.Clean the car, dry or dry, exposed moving parts (such as chains), adjusting bolts, bearings, etc. washed with oil or butter rust.

       2.Release gasoline from the tank, sealed with the container to save. At the same time, should also be put into the gasoline carburetor, prevent quantity hole, oil and other components clogging impurities in gasoline carburetor.

      3.The battery off clean, stop the vehicle before use, make up the call in a dry place, and add power once a month. But do not release the electrolyte inside the battery to prevent the plate exposed to air resulting in oxidation of the plate.

      4.Inject a certain amount of oil into the exhaust pipe. Removed from the car exhaust pipe, the front of a small amount of oil from the exhaust pipe, and then install the exhaust pipe, and then start the engine the oil evenly distributed on the inner wall of an exhaust pipe, to prevent rusting.

      5.No foot start motorcycle, can take off the spark plug cap, open the ignition lock switch (ON position), press the start button 2-3 seconds.

      6.Front and rear tires to maintain standard pressure, tire pressure is too low will tire premature aging and produce cracks.

      7.Finally, the motorcycle parked in a dry ventilated place, and pay attention to moisture, so as not to rust. Motorcycle unfavorable long-term open-air parking, otherwise it will accelerate the appearance of motorcycle aging.
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